In collaboration with Menna Toeima, Simay Iman, Quintin Ermes

Mentored by Geoff Morgan, Alex Pellerin, Crystal Sales 

Honourable Mention for the Sid Lee Out of Office Internship Program 

It is clear that the UN is leading the gender equality conversation. In fact when it comes to all topics of human right issues, the UN is the first organization to pop into our minds. 

However, when it comes to gender equality efforts in the UN we found something alarming. This quote from the UN's site highlights that gender inclusive data is nonexistent and the UN is actively overlooking gender identity in their gender equality  initiatives.

So we discovered that there is a glaring gap. 

We want to inspire North Americans as there are already existing progressive laws and regulations for the corporate world, to join the UN’s mission on uncovering the currently invisible data around gender queer people in order to achieve true gender parity.

The insight that inspired our idea and one we can all relate to is that, for a lot of us, fashion is tied to our identity and we use it as a form of expression.
So we created a UN initiative that fuses fashion and research to empower gender queer people to be more visible in the workplace, which ultimately makes way for them to be part of the new gender equality conversation

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